Mukkebi is a traditional Korean restaurant in the heart of London at Finsbury Park.

We are proud to serve the most delicious authentic Korean dishes.

Mukkebi Goblin

What is Mukkebi?

The Mukkebi (먹깨비) is one of many of the cheeky and playful goblins in Korean culture.

He loves to eat and uses his club to magically create food!

Perengee (패랭이 모자)

You may have seen these traditional hats hanging in our restaurant. These are traditional Korean Perengee hats (패랭이 모자) made from bamboo and were worn by Bobusang (see below) in the olden days.

Bobusung (보부상)

The Bobusung were peddlers and traders who used to move large or heavy items such as fish, salt, pottery and bamboo crafts using a variety of tools. They symbolised their social class and showed that they were traders.